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Classics: I Saved Goal By Mistake And Lost £125,000

From 10th November 1994:

Thoughts from 100 Posts

104 posts to date, nearly 4 months of posts, only a few missed headlines and plenty of Classics.

The tag cloud (thanks Tag Crowd) is showing a trend towards celebrity & crime as major headline topics. Although this is reflective of the nation's zeitgeist, it's too early to really spot patterns. The current tag set has been heavily influenced by the cancer of reality TV star Jade Goody and also the terrible child abuse case of "BabyP".

In terms of how well this blog is doing, a search on Google for "Sun headlines" ranks this blog in the top 5, below, the Wikipedia page on the same topic and sometimes some news related article. Not bad going.

Feedburner tells me there's a disappointing 3 people subscribed via RSS. Particularly sad as one of them is me.

Google Analytics shows 583 unique visits with a steadily increasing daily hit rate which is really pleasing.

Traffic is mostly coming from Google searches for obvious things like "famous headlines", "sun headlines" and some specific headlines such as "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster"

Top content:
1. The classic "Up yours Delors" - 74 page views.
2. 11th Feb 2009 "Scumbag Millionaires" - 64 views
3. The Classics section - 54 views
4. The classic "Freddie Starr Ate my Hamster"

All in all, I'm enjoying this.

It's worth saying that I have absolutely nothing to do commercially with The Sun at all - I just like the headlines.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

5th March 2009: I Hope Rob's Killer Suffers