Thursday, 28 May 2009

28th May 2009: Ramboyle


Anonymous said...

Stand behind what you print.

We want to know the names of the journalists who taunted Susan Boyle. We want to know of the conversation. We want their names publicized all over the world so the world knows soon who they are. They blasted a little lady from Scotland mercilessly the night before her performance.

If the paparazzi who raced Diana thru a tunnel so that the result of the death of Diana, did they ever publish their names and behavior all over the world, damage their careers, etc. If you look at the Susan Boyle lst audition you will see a young woman at 1.24 into the audition who rolled her eyes. Not that I think it was right in this situation but she was publicly criticized.

She is just a young woman & I don't think she should have had repercussion but what about these journalists, is not free speech fair to both sides. If we start publishing the news media all over the world who hurt people like Susan Boyle or Diana in such a damaging way then they can be ACCOUNTABLE!. Susan had a dream and they were out to get a story true or untrue. We want to know their names.

Please find a way to lead us there. When I say us I mean her millions of fans. Millions love Diana & Susan and we do not want to see Susan destroyed!

Where is responsibility on THEIR SIDE OF THE FENCE How do you think they would feel if the same was given to them? Believe me Susan has millions of fans who don't listen to the media any more because the media is out of touch. Surely you have seen the love of Susan's fans. I don't believe in the almighty buck and tired of the ones who want bucks to hurt others. I hope you will show class and respond positively to this email.

FREE SPEECH goes both ways. Now Susan's fans want you to print out their names so the world knows their behavior good or bad.

Another old lady.

James said...

Hi there. I am a neutral observer here - a fan of The Sun's headlines.

I do not work for The Sun or any other newspaper. I am not a journalist.

So, sorry, but I can't help you in your quest.