Monday, 15 June 2009

15th June 2009: Swine Flu: New Mum Dies

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In 1997 Dr. Margaret Chan (Director-General of the World Health Organization) and Professor Kennedy Shortridge stopped an avian pandemic happening. Prof. Shortridge’s solution was a practical hands-on solution and one not based upon a drug cure, for they knew that this would never happen in time. Due to his and Dr. Chan’s swift actions, millions if not hundreds of millions, were most probably saved from a highly contagious global killer pandemic. Little is said about this in the press or media for it definitely appears that they have been programmed to believe that a drugs cure will come in time. This is a total fallacy if we refer to the ‘Spanish flu’ (swine flu) where at least 20 million perished but where in all probability nearer to 100 million worldwide died. Unfortunately the next deadly flu pandemic will kill far more than these numbers, as the world’s population is now many times larger and with modern air travel, it will take effect far more quickly and will spread even wider.
Indeed, common sense dictates that if it takes two to three months to isolate and develop antidotes, and a minimum of a further 6 months to provide a drug together with an extra minimum 6 months to effectively distribute to the masses, not many will survive if they are infected. For the wretched problem here is that the 1918 killer flu did its worst in the first 4>6 months and where travel was much slower in those days. Indeed, several months before the deadly Spanish Flu arrived, there was a milder swine flu outbreak across the world, just like what we have today, but where it reappeared with a vengeance in the Autumn of 1918 (between Sept. and Nov.). That is what we have clearly to be fearful of and where it may happen again. Professor Shortridge defeated the killer flu at its source and where he believes in the global strategy of ‘to never let it happen in the first place’. Predominantly this is what really governments should be doing all across the world, as the drugs cure will simply come too late. It is time therefore that the media and press took note of the ‘only’ real solution to this killer pandemic, whenever it happens, and where presently they are being deluded by the large pharmaceuticals and governments into believing that a drugs cure will come in time. Unfortunately for the media this time, even their own families with some certainty will be affected. We therefore require an ‘open debate’ to be undertaken and ‘open minds’ to be heard if we are to stop such unprecedented deaths happening and on an unimaginable scale.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation